Gypsum Plasters

Dry premixed plaster, consisting of hemi-hydrated gypsum, hydrated lime, quality enhancing additives and processed mineral aggregates. Applied with machine on interior walls and ceilings.

Product Product No. User Application Approx. Coverage/ton Packing Bag / pallet Product Description
Gypsum plaster-A PLAXIT 210 • Plastering for internal walls/ceilings
• One coat application
• No inherent shrinkage
• No curing required
• Smooth & aesthetic finish
56 m2@ 12mm thickness
25 kg
60 bags Machine applied gypsum plaster for internal wall ceiling, to provide smooth and aesthetic appearance. Consists of hemi hydrated gypsum, hydrated lime, chemical additives and processed mineral aggregate (0 - 0.8mm)
Gyplast ■ Thin coat PLAXIT 230 • Thin coat plaster
• Ideal for ceiling
• No inherent shrinkage
• No curing required
• Ultra smooth & aesthetic finish
208 m2 @
4mm thickness
25 kg
60 bags Smoothing plaster for gypsum/cement substrate to provide a smooth and uniform surface. Consists of hemi-hydrated gypsum, hydrated lime, special chemical additives and fine aggregates (0 - 0.3)
Acoustic plaster PLAXIT 240 • Absorbs sound & prevents echo
• Gives stipple finish
• Spray/tyrolean machine applied
130 m2 @ 12mm thickness
25 kg
60 bags Acoustic plaster is ideal for obtaining seamless, sound-absorbing wall and ceiling surface to improve the acoustic of a large and enclosed space. Consists of hemi-hydrated gypsum, perlite, special chemical additives and mineral aggregates (0 - 2.5)
Gypsum Plaster - Thin coat PLAXIT 250 • Single coat finish plaster for internal walls and ceilings
• Applied directly on concrete surface in 4 -6 mm thickness
208 m2@
4mm thickness
25 kg 60 bags Gypsum based single coat finishing plaster to provide fair faced finish to rough and uneven concrete surface. Consists of gypsum, hydrated lime, special additives and mineral aggregates.(0 - 0.8)
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