Masonry Mortars

Premixed masonry mortar consisting of OPC, hydrated lime, quality enhancing additives and processed mineral aggregates. Applied with trowel to fix masonary blocks.

Product Product No. User Application Approx. Coverage/ton Packing Bag / pallet Product Description
Masonry mortar - AAC blocks (Al Jazeerah ect) PLAXIT 610 Adhesive mortar for Aerated light weight concrete blacks 3 - 5 mm thickness Yield 618 Ltr per ton
50 kg
40 bags Thin bed mortar for highly absorbed and light weight aerated blocks. Consists of ordinary Portland cement, lime, polymer additives and graded mineral aggregate (0 - 0.5 mm)
Masonry mortar PLAXIT 611 • Masonry mortar for fixing /laying of concrete blocks and AAC blocks Yield 630 Ltr per ton
50 kg
40 bags Masonry mortar suitable for dry and wet pumping. Easy in working. Consists of Portland cement, special chemical additives and mineral aggregate (1.25 mm)
Masonry mortar PLAXIT 612 • Masonry mortar for concrete blocks
• Normal strength requirement
Yield 600 Ltr per ton
50 kg
40 bags Cementitous mortar for fixing concrete blocks. Consist of ordinary Portland cement, polymer additives, graded mineral aggregate (0 - 2 mm)
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