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About Company

” PLAXIT “ is one of the largest manufacturer of Dry Mix products based on Cement, Lime and Gypsum in the region.

Dry Mix products are defined as factory made quality controlled mixtures of sand, binders and additives which are transported dry to the construction site and applied there after adding water.

In earlier times masonry mortar, render, plaster, screed or adhesive had to be mixed, prepared and processed by hand . These days, modern process technology allows premix of such products in large quantities and consistent quality. Each stage in production is monitored and controlled by visualization, recipe management and various quality control tools.

PLAXIT” offers 3 types of Delivery systems : –

  • Paper Bags 25-50 kg
  • Jumbo Bags approx. 1 -1.5 ton
  • Mini Silos approx. 1 – 2.0 ton
  • Silos 12- 20m3, Silos can be refilled by tankers

Based on “Just in Time” management system, “PLAXIT” with its Silo and Silo transport system ensures that Dry mortar is available at the construction site as and when required. The company has unique transport/refilling system in the Middle East to provide mortar on building site at the touch of a button. A team of sales/demonstration engineers is always available for technical assistance and service to the customers on the correct usage of our products.

about us

PLAXIT Dry Mix products offer our customers the benefits of :

  • Consistent high quality
  • Customized logistics
  • Rationalized on the building site
  • Cost effective plastering system – massive savings on labour cost.
  • Wide range of dry mix products
  • Technical knowledge and support system.

PLAXIT fulfills all requirements needed for product approval at the highest level supported by:

  • Computerized production process
  • Fully equipped testing laboratory and library with all relevant specifications (DIN/BS/ASTM)
  • Large dryer to reduce moisture in raw materials to less than 0.2%
  • Extensive sieve system (8 sieves) to classify raw materials

The plaxit laboratory is equipped with all testing facilities as per international quality norms. All raw materials and finished products are tested in accordance to the relevant BS/DIN standards

PLAXIT” products are innovative and bring intelligent solutions to construction sites.

PLAXIT” is the strong, competent brand setting trends and standards.